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In 2018, owners Eric & Chelsea Ponder wanted to partner with like-minded people to help build, grow, and connect communities around the greater OKC metro. To help facilitate this goal of growing community, they decided to build a mobile coffee shop in the form of a tiny home. With the help of friends and family, 11 months later the tiny house went from a concept to opening its doors and selling the first cup of coffee. Eric & Chelsea’s next goal was to build relationships through coffee, so they began to narrow their focus once the tiny house was off the ground and running. Through relationships and community, in December of 2019, the tiny house was about to take the next step in serving and bringing people together through a cup of coffee. Through this vision and incredible relationships, Public Coffee Co. was formed. Public Coffee Company’s approach was to serve the public the very best product by working with and sourcing the best coffee, while still supporting local companies and suppliers. Public Coffee Co. serves coffee through precision brewing, quality local products, and service of love and acceptance. No matter your background or coffee preference, we always have a seat and a cup waiting for you.

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It’s in our name. We want to be a coffee spot that the brings the public together in community and build relationships through coffee. No matter your background, no matter who you are, you are welcome to a cup of fresh coffee at Public. We hope you enjoy your cup of coffee (or tea, hot chocolate, matcha, or espresso), but we hope you enjoy the community and friendly atmosphere more.

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